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Junior Coaching

Tots Tennis (3-5yrs)

Children from 3 years old will develop basic tennis skills along with agility, balance and coordination. Delivered in a fun and friendly environment, players will learn how to work in groups and follow instructions, giving them a head start in school and other sports.

Red Tennis (8&U)

Played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls, it’s just like the real game and gives children the opportunity to have long rallies and play different shots while learning basic technique.

Orange Tennis (9&U)

This is the next stage of mini tennis. Played on a ¾ sized court with low compression balls and shorter rackets, these sessions allow players to develop their skills, techniques and tactics.

Green Tennis (10&U)

The final stage of mini tennis. Played on a full sized court with low compression tennis balls. Players continue to develop their techniques and tactics suitable for their age and size.


Junior Tennis (11-16yrs)

Teen sessions are designed for secondary school aged players and played on full sized courts with full compression tennis balls. Players improve their technical skills and tactical understanding.

To book onto any junior sessions, download our app below.
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